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I fly from Elstree airfield, UK, with Firecrest Aviation flying club. I learnt to fly with them, and after gaining my PPL in 1999, continued renting Cessna 172s. I've logged just over 100 hours, mostly on Cessna 150, with the last 30 logged on Cessna 172. It's hard to go back to C-150 after getting used to the comfort of C-172. Mind you, after C-150 everything is "comfortable".

So far I've been flying mostly in the Southeast of England, the longest flight being the one to Cardiff.
My last flight was on 13/1/2001 from Elstree to Filton near Bristol. It was a beautiful day and uneventful flight. Filton hosts BAE and was used as a test aerodrome for Concorde. Nowadays, Airbuses could be seen there. The runway is huge, being twice as wide as Heathrow. Around the aerodrome there is lovely scenery which includes Bristol Channel with Old and New Severn Bridge, as well as distant views of the Welsh Mountains.