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List of awards won by Damir's Aviation Site :

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Webmaster Award  of Excellence
I am pleased to announce that your submission for my "Webmaster Award of Excellence" has been approved. Your site was reviewed against the criteria and you have won the Webmaster Bronze Award!! Job well done! :o)
Bronze Advanced Web Design Award
We have found that your site is well thought out, very pleasant to look at, and serves a definite purpose. It is compelling to its viewers, has informative content, originality, excellent design, and leaves in its visitor's mind the image of a quality site.
Worthy Apple Award

Congratulations, your site has passed the tech analysis with a score of 98 and the reviewer to earn the Bronze Apple Award. Display it with pride, you've passed a tough review.

Michael's Bronze Award
An interesting site with much information - for sure an important resource in the web for all interested visitors. Design, quality, content and function are o.k. - well done!

Globemaster Bronze Award

I enjoyed surfing your site, your work is very good. It is with great pleasure that I give you the "Bronze Award".

AGO Art Gold Award

We conducted an extensive review of your web site and we have found it to be eligible for our Gold Medal.

Absolute Cross Award

I am pleased to inform you that your web site has been chosen because of its terrific design and unique content as a winner of the Absolute Cross Award.

Beautiful Site Award
We extend our sincerest congratulations to you for the hard work you invested in creating a beautiful web site.

iNET Merit Award
I found in your site something that I felt should be awarded. Your pages are very clean, fast-loading and well-appointed. Your content is interesting and your digital photograph wonderful. Your site is a pleasure to surf. Great job!

Golden Web Award 2001-2002
You are proud of your work, and you should be! Your hard work has won you the most popular and sought after award available.

GM Desings Gold Award
Congratulations, The website you submitted for award review has been chosen to receive our GOLD award. We thank you for applying for the award and we are proud to present you with it.

Golden Web Award 2000-2001
Congratulations! Your web-site has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2000-2001 Golden Web Award.
You've worked hard - Proudly Display Your Award -

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