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Aviation Web Directories
Landings          The most comprehensive aviation directory.
Aeroseek      Aviation Directory with  interesting Web sites. 
Aviation Magazines
Pilot             General aviation magazine.
Flyer            Similar to above with free landing fee tokens.
Today's Pilot   The new magazine with good 'what after PPL' topics.
General Aviation
Action for Airfields      Airfield supporters network helping to support airfields now and for the future.
ABC Log - The Universal Pilot Logbook       Web-enabled logbook, works also with your PDA or Mobile Phone
Harv's Air
Online Ground School
Jack's World Aviation Links
UK aviation weather
Wetter Wetterzentrale   Radar pictures and pressure charts up to T+120h from Bracknell and USAF Sembach.
Met-Office                 Free TAFs, METARs and Forms 214/215 for registered users.
BBC Weather Centre      Nice radar and satellite charts with time control console.
AvBrief                       TAFs, METARs, Forms 214/215
UK aviation government agencies 
Air Accidents Investigation Branch    Bulletins about aeroplane accidents in UK
National Air Traffic Service           NOTAMs and other navigational and airfield information
Vulcan links
Vulcans in Camera                                   Andy Leitch's web site with a rare pictures of  Vulcan in squadron service.
655 Maintenance and Preservation Society     Wellesbourne Mountford based Vulcan that does taxi runs few times a year.
World-Wide Web servers in Croatia
CroLinks.Com         The most comprehensive list of Croatian links on the Net
Friends Web sites
Martin Smith's Homepage     Likes Star Trek, Babylon 5 and X-Files and has a good Links Page.
Firecrest Aviation        If you are thinking of learning to fly, look no further.  The closest flying club to London.
The Infamous Exploding Whale  Americans (who else!) decided to remove a dead whale from the beach by blowing it up with half a ton of explosives. Remains managed to fall down all over the local town. A news crew was on hand so there is a video clip available.
UK airshows
Aerofair 2000
Biggin Hill International Air Fair
Farnborough International
Waddington International Airshow
Mildenhall Air Fete
Middle Wallop International Air Show
RAF Leuchars Airshow
UK Airshow Review
Military Airshows in the UK

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