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Waddington 2000 Video Gallery

If you use ISDN connection or higher left-click on the files to view the directly. If you use modem connection right-click on the files and save them onto your computer to view them from there.

Blue Eagles Lynx Helicopter Display Team
350 Kb
Blue Eagles Lynx doing a loop after high speed pass
340 Kb
Cub landing on the top of the trailer
700 Kb
Patrulla Aquila Spanish Display Team
380 Kb
Patrulla Aquila unique team landing
460 Kb
Patrulla Aquila opposite pair pass
170 KB
Patrulla Aquila team take-off
460 Kb
Red Arrows Corkscrew manoeuvre
410 Kb
Red Arrows Gypo Break manoeuvre
220 Kb
Red Arrows in Vulcan Bend formation
530 Kb
Thunderbirds F-16 Display Team landing
290 Kb
Thunderbirds opposite pass
260 Kb
Thunderbird flying through the middle of the formation
160 Kb
Vigen "The Monster" landing, U-turn and take-off (must be seen)
1.3 Mb
Vigen during high speed low pass
300 Kb
Waddington Airfield from the air
730 Kb
YAK 52 being landed by one hand and waving with other
430 Kb