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RIAT 2000 Video Gallery (Cottesmore)

If you use ISDN connection or higher left-click on the files to view the directly. If you use modem connection right-click on the files and save them onto your computer to view them from there.

RAF Cottesmore being"bombed" during WW II airfield attack
401 Kb
PZL An-28B Bryza on 2 take-offs and landing in the one go
1.5 Mb
C-17 Globemaster landing
430 Kb
DC-4 during landing
730 Kb
DC-4 during low pass
270 Kb
Harrier in the hover
620 Kb
MIG-29 during air display
570 Kb
Mig-29 on the smoky take-off
420 kb
Nimrod and a couple of Harriers in the close formation
512 Kb
Patrouille Suisse F-5E Swiss Air Force Display Team on the team take-off
520 Kb
Patrouille Suisse apposite pass through the middle of formation
350 Kb
Red Arrows Opposite Barrel manoeuvre
340 Kb
Red Arrows opposite pair pass
250 Kb
Tornado showing off a lots of wattersplash
230 Kb


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